Where Shall We Go Today?

Imagine new adventures!

Take young explorers on an imaginary journey to places all over the world and beyond. Ski down a snowy mountain, scuba dive in the ocean, race dune buggies in a desert, and explore a jungle full of playful monkeys. Build a sandcastle on a tropical beach, take a trip to outer space, and meet oodles of people in a big city. There’s no limit to the imagination!

Where Shall We Go Today? inspires young minds to imagine and perhaps later actually explore different places and enjoy new experiences. 

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ABCs Are Delicious

Little ones love to eat and little ones love to talk. Soon they want to read. What fun to learn the alphabet with bright pictures of different foods! How about crunchy dill pickles, countless flavours of ice cream, ooey gooey upside-down cake, or watermelon slices shaped like big smiles? 

ABCs Are Delicious! helps children learn their ABCs while becoming familiar with foods they may be trying for the first time.

Now Available at McNally Robinson & Friesen Press bookstores. Click here for locations.

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Now Available!